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Household Engineering - Scientific Management In The Home

Application of industrial engineering or principles of efficiency in household work described by the author.

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by Mrs. Christine Frederick


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Psychology: An Introduction by Russell A. Dewey - Free Access Online Book

Russell A. Dewey, PhD

Table of Contents


About the Author

Russel A. Dewey, PhD
Assistant Professor Emeritus of Psychology.
University of Michigan
Dr. Dewey's award-winning Psych Web
Department of Psychology, Georgia Southern Universiyt, 1979 - 2004

Dr. Dewey received both his B.A. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Michigan. He joined the faculty in the Department of Psychology at Georgia Southern in 1979 as an assistant professor. His teaching specialty has been teaching Introduction to Psychology to large classes.

He used audio, video, and computer technologies very early on to enhance the learning experience in his classes and has for a long time written his own text materials for this course which has culminated in the publication of a textbook for introductory psychology. Georgia Southern students recognized his teaching excellence by awarding him Professor of the Year in 1981.

He made pioneering efforts in the use of the Internet to serve students and teachers of psychology. He established and maintained one of the earliest and most widely recognized resources for psychology on the World Wide Web. Since its appearance in the mid-1990s, his web site, Psych Web, has received at least 39 distinct honors and awards including ones for the Discovery Channel and the Los Angeles Times. It has recorded almost 3,500,000 visits to the site. The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences recognized Dr. Dewey with their Award for Distinction in Creativity in 2001.

Source: http://class.georgiasouthern.edu/psychology/retired.php

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Flat World Knowledge - Publisher of Digital Free Edition Books


Publisher combining print books publishing with free digital versions. Good collection in business and management. Number of books already announced for publication. Top reported professors who authored books and published under reputed publishers are writing for Flat World Knowledge.

Draughtsman Civil - Theory - Tamilnadu Govt. Free Access Book

Download PDF version


General Machinist - Theory - Government of Tamilnadu - Free Access Book

Download PDF version from


Educational Psychology - Online Books

Launch! Advertising and Promotion in Real Time - Michael Solomn et al. Online Book

Publication of Flatworld Knowledge. They are providing online free editions of all the books they are publishing.

Authors: Michael Solomon, Lisa Duke Cornell and Amit Nizan


Table of Contents



Michael Solomon
Saint Joseph's University
Michael R. Solomon, Ph.D. is Professor of Marketing and Director of the Center for Consumer Research in the Haub School of Business at Saint Joseph’s University. Previously, he served as the Human Sciences Professor of Consumer Behavior at Auburn University, and as Chairman of the Department of Marketing in the School of Business at Rutgers University.
His textbook, Consumer Behavior: Buying, Having, and Being, published by Prentice Hall, is widely used in universities throughout North America, Europe, and Australasia and is now in its eighth edition. His textbook, Marketing: Real People, Real Choices, Fifth Edition, also published by Prentice Hall, is one of the most widely-adopted principles of marketing texts in the U.S.A.
Prof. Solomon has been recognized as one of the fifteen most widely-cited scholars in the academic behavioral sciences/fashion literature, and as one of the ten most productive scholars in the field of advertising and marketing communications.
He is a Managing Director of Mind/Share, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in consumer research and lifestyle marketing issues for such clients as DuPont, Black & Decker, eBay, PPG Industries, Visa, VF Corp., Timberland, and Calvin Klein. Dr. Solomon earned a Ph.D. in Social Psychology at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1981 and was awarded the Fulbright/FLAD Chair in Market Globalization.

Lisa Duke Cornell
University of Florida
Lisa Duke Cornell is an Associate Professor in the Department of Advertising at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications. Dr. Duke Cornell joined the advertising department after 10 years as an award-winning copywriter and creative supervisor at Long Haymes Carr/Lintas, working on major accounts like Hanes, Planters/Lifesavers, Jefferson-Pilot Insurance, Rich Foods, Wachovia Bank, and Tyson/Holly Farms.
Duke Cornell received her Ph.D. in 1999 from The University of Georgia, where she also earned her master’s degree. The American Association of University Women named her an American Fellow for her research on the role of communications in the socialization and identity development of children and young women. Duke Cornell is also interested in the role of creativity in advertising and in helping facilitate creative solutions to marketing problems. In 2001, Duke Cornell was recognized as the College of Journalism and Communications’ Teacher of the Year.

Amit Nizan
Amit Nizan is part of the editorial team at Advertising Age, the leading industry publication, where she curates event content. Previously, she served as Account Manager at TBWAChiatDay and SS+K, both top advertising agencies in New York City.

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Business English for Success by Scott McLean - Online Free Access Version

Publication of Flatworld Knowledge. They are providing online free editions of all the books they are publishing


Table of Contents



The Business Ethics Workshop by By James Brusseau - Online Book

Publication of Flatworld Knowledge. They are providing online free editions of all the books they are publishing


Table of Contents



Elementary Algebra by John Redden - Online Free Access Book

People's Physics Book - Online Free Open Access Book

Authors:  James H. Dann and James J. Donn

Authors offer the book free for downloading, printing it and binding it. They are allowing professors to sell the book also subject to certain conditions.


Ch 0.1: Introduction and Vision
(includes information on how to print books)Ch 1: Units and Problem Solving
Ch 2: Energy Conservation
Ch 3: One Dimensional Motion
Ch 4: Two Dimensional and Projectile Motion
Ch 5: Newton's Laws
Ch 6: Centripetal Forces
Ch 7: Momentum Conservation
Ch 8: Energy and Force
Ch 9: Rotational Motion
Ch 10: Simple Harmonic Motion
Ch 11: Wave Motion and Sound
Ch 12: Electricity
Ch 13: Electric Circuits: Batteries and Resistors
Ch 14: Magnetism
Ch 15: Electric Circuits: Capacitors
Ch 16: Electric Circuits: Advanced Topics
Ch 17: Light
Ch 18: Fluids
Ch 19: Thermodynamics and Heat Engines
Ch 20: Special and General Relativity
Ch 21: Radioactivity and Nuclear Physics
Ch 22: Standard Model of Particle Physics
Ch 23: Feynman Diagrams
Ch 24: Quantum Mechanics
Ch. 25 Using Calculus with Physics
(under construction)
Ch. 26 Global Warming
App. A: Numerical and Short Answers to Problems
App. B: Equations


Marketing Management Online Text Book by Tanner and Raymond - Principles of Marketing

Publication of Flatworld Knowledge. They are providing online free editions of all the books they are publishing

Principles of Marketing by Tanner and Raymond

Table of Contents


Revision Articles on Marketing Management by Narayana Rao. Very popular articles on Knol with thousands of page views.


John F. (Jeff) Tanner, Jr., is professor of marketing and associate dean of faculty development and research at the Hankamer School of Business, Baylor University. He is an internationally recognized expert in sales and sales management. He is the author or coauthor of twelve books, including two best-selling textbooks with McGraw-Hill—Selling: Building Partnerships and Business Marketing: Connecting Strategy, Relationships and Learning.

Dr. Tanner spent eight years in marketing and sales with Rockwell International and Xerox Corporation. In 1988, he earned his PhD from the University of Georgia and joined the faculty at Baylor University, where he currently serves as the research director of the Center for Professional Selling.

He is the managing partner of Team Fulcrum, which conducts sales training and marketing research, and he is a founder and research director of BPT Partners, the premier training and education company focused on advancing the skills and competency of professionals in the customer relationship management industry.

Mary Anne Raymond is a professor of marketing at Clemson University. Prior to joining the faculty at Clemson, she served on the faculty at American University in Washington, DC, and helped coordinate the graduate marketing program at Johns Hopkins University. Previously, she was an invited Fulbright Professor of Marketing at Seoul National University in Seoul, Korea.

Dr. Raymond received her PhD from the University of Georgia.

Her research focuses on strategy in domestic and international markets, public policy issues, and social marketing.  Dr. Raymond has also received numerous awards and recognition for her teaching and research. She received the Professor of the Year Award from Clemson University Panhellenic Association, the Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Award from the College of Business and Behavioral Science at Clemson three times, the Eli Lilly Faculty Excellence Awards for Outstanding Research and Outstanding Teaching, and the Eli Lilly Partnership Awards, and recognition for Leadership in Student Development from the Dow Chemical Company.