Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Objective is Quality - Michael Jaccard - 2013 Book Information

The Objective is Quality: An Introduction to Performance and Sustainability Management Systems

Michel Jaccard
CRC Press, 23-Apr-2013 - Business & Economics - 400 pages

Quality is a form of management that is composed of the double approach of driving an organization towards excellence, while conforming to established standards and laws. The objective of quality confers advantages to companies: it makes them more resilient to change that can be unexpected or even chaotic; it makes them more competitive by identifying those steps in processes that do not offer added value.

No longer the concern of a small community of experts, even scientists and engineers working in the private sector will find that they will have to con- front questions related to quality management in their day-to-day professional lives. This volume offers such people an unique entry into the universe of quality management, providing not only a cartography of quality standards and their modes of application – with particular attention to the ISO standards – but also a broader cultural context, with chapters on the history, prizes, deontology and moral implications of systems of quality management. This book thus opens the door to all those eager to take the first steps to learning how the principles of quality are organized today, and how they can be applied to his or her own activity.

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A chapter on Toyota Production System is there in the book.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Campaign Communication and Political Marketing - Philippe J. Maarek - 2011 - Book Information

Campaign Communication and Political Marketing

Philippe J. Maarek

John Wiley & Sons, 21-Mar-2011 - Language Arts & Disciplines - 272 pages

Campaign Communication and Political Marketing is a comprehensive, internationalist study of the modern political campaign. It indexes and explains their integral components, strategies, and tactics.
Offers comparative analyses of campaigns from country to country
Covers topics such as advertising strategy, demography, the effect of campaign finance regulation on funding, and more
Draws on a variety of international case studies including the campaigns of Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy
Analyses the impact of digital media and 24/7 news cycle on campaign conduct

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Campaigns and Political Marketing - Wayne Steger et al. 2013 - Book Information

Campaigns and Political Marketing

Wayne Steger, Sean Kelly, Mark Wrighton

Routledge, 01-Feb-2013 - Business & Economics - 226 pages
Understand the theoretical—and practical—aspects of political marketing!

Over the past few years political marketing strategies have been refined with the help of new findings in political science research. Campaigns and Political Marketing clearly discusses the most recent political science research studies and theories that political activists and professionals can apply to effectively campaign for an issue or candidate. This text is an invaluable compilation of research, theory, and practical application from political science experts across the country that guides readers through the complexities of everyday political marketing and campaigning. Readers get the critical knowledge needed on how to best affect public viewpoints and gain the strongest advantage over the opposition.

Campaigns and Political Marketing is packed with information and insights every political activist will find useful. It coherently explains the real world of campaign politics and elections, presenting the everyday issues that political consultants face in the field, all made easily understandable even to the novice. This scholarly examination provides lessons that can be effectively applied to just about any situation. Political crises and scandals are discussed in detail, with research and historical studies that illuminate practical ways to deal with any problem. The book is extensively referenced and uses graphs and charts to clearly explain research findings.

Campaigns and Political Marketing answers these tough questions:
What is the role of professional campaign consultants—and their value?
How have the past four presidential elections revised the state presidential vote forecasting equation?
How does interest groups’ resource distribution differ from resource allocation decisions made by candidates’ organizations and the national political parties?
How does congressional campaign candidate scheduling differ from legislative candidate scheduling?
How effective are attack messages in generating media coverage early in a campaign?
How do political professionals define campaign crises?
What are the differences in public reaction when a candidate from one or the other of the two major parties is in a scandal?
How is public opinion affected when tragedy strikes a political candidate?

Campaigns and Political Marketing is stimulating, idea-generating reading that is perfect for educators and students in marketing, communications, and political science; practitioners in campaigns and marketing; and political activists of all types.

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